Meet Our Leaders

And I will give you pastors according to mine heart,
which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

- Jeremiah 3:15

Chief Elder Uzziah

Chief Elder Uzziah is the lead elder at True Spirit of Christ Church. He brings leadership and oversight to the teaching, events, fundraising, music, and marketing team. With over ten years of dedication to the ministry, he is one of the founding members of our assembly. Chief Elder Uzziah is passionate about helping others reach their true potential, community empowerment, and expanding the vision of True Spirit under the guidance and direction of the Almighty God.

Chief Elder Uzziah also enjoys entrepreneurship. He is a real estate investor, bestselling author, and CEO of Black Men’s Career, where he shows emerging black professionals how to get out of debt, quit their 9-to-5 jobs, and start their own businesses.

Chief Elder Uzziah and his wife Arielle live in Austin and they are proud alumni of Baylor University.

Elder Yachin

Elder Yachin is one of the founding elders at True Spirit of Christ Church. He gives leadership and oversight to the community service, outreach, member relations, and family team. With over seven years of experience in ministry, Elder Yachin is one of our most well-rounded leaders. He is passionate about creativity, media, and educating our community about mental health.

Elder Yachin is an award-winning insurance agent, where he is committed to helping God’s people get affordable health and life insurance to protect their families.

Elder Yachin and his wife Aviyah live in Austin and are the creative geniuses behind our church. You can find them in their spare time playing with cameras, making sketches, and listening to good music.